WELS has the personnel, equipment, and experience to bring a new project from prototype through production and to your customers. We also manufacture established products and more mature projects with efficiency and skill.
Experience :
Because of the diversity of projects we've brought to market over the years, we can offer you the manufacturing versatility you require, with the level of service you expect. We've been manufacturing state-of-the-art electronic equipment since 1984, gaining new expertise with each success.
Facilities :
Our facilities are filled with the best, and essential equipment for building, testing, and shipping sophisticated electronic wares.
Pre-Production :
Our manufacturing, component, process, and test engineers review the execution process prior to production to ensure that it's ready for manufacture and test. This eases the approval process and assures that all your specifications are met or exceeded.
Board Assembly :
Printed circuit board assembly is one of our greatest strengths. Component sequencing and insertion lines provide through-hole assembly for axial lead, radial lead, and DIP parts. SMT assembly is performed with sophisticated and skilled hand placement, ensuring necessary accuracy for standard and fine-pitch devices. We can also mix through-hole and SMT devices on a single printed circuit board. Our trained workers are expert at completing any hand assembly.
Strong Test Capabilities :
Our dedicated, functional test stations, operated by skilled test engineers, make sure your product is ready for the rigors of the real world. Static and dynamic burn-in tests that dramatically reduce infantile failures can be carried out to suit your product reliability requirements.
Electromechanical Box-build by Skilled Personnel :
Our technicians are experienced in chassis construction, point-to-point wiring, electromechanical assembly, cabling, and final system building, using both fabricated metal and molded plastic enclosures. Final inspectors ensure that each unit is complete and flawless.
On-Time Delivery :
Our detailed processes allow us to flawlessly plan, track, and coordinate each phase of manufacturing so that we're ready to deliver when you're ready to receive.
Quality :
Our Quality Assurance staff is involved in all phases of manufacturing, building quality into every product we make. We instill WELS' pride and quality into the products that carry your name.
Made at WELS
Our "Made at WELS" standards of quality are the cornerstone of WELS' continued success. At WELS, we're proud of our commitment to world-class products and services. Let our success be your success. Make WELS a part of your team as, together we create the new products and applications that will take us speeding into the next century.
Benefits of WELS Assembly Service
  • The ability for you to focus on your core competencies of R&D, marketing and distribution
  • A reduction in your expensive fixed cost capital plant investment
  • A reduction in hidden costs such as electricity, insurance, training, heating, ensuring you building is electro-statically safe etc.
  • An affordable way to enhance your products using up-to-date manufacturing technologies
  • Removal of your need to upgrade equipment and manufacturing processes
  • An increase in your flexibility & responsiveness (especially for new product introduction)
  • A reduction in your exposure to permanent staffing requirements
  • And most importantly, an improvement in the quality of your products
In fact you can make a sizeable saving by using WELS as your EMS provider.
Benefits of WELS Product Testing Service
  • Peace of mind in the knowledge that you have 100% workable products shipped to you
  • A reduction in production time hence a decrease in your overall product costs
  • Last but not the least, we are totally flexible and willingly adapt to your testing needs
Benefits of WELS Electronic and Mechanical Procurement
  • Lower costs
  • Shorter lead times
  • Reduced inventory and related labour costs
  • Price control
  • Standard component cost lists to help you in your product design/redesign
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