Company Profile
Founded by a pioneering entrepreneur Sathiavagiswar Venkateshwar in 1959, the WELS Group of Companies went on to emerge as a powerhouse with one of the most trusted, recognized and well-respected names in the areas of security services, security & fire detection equipment and electronic manufacturing services.
WELS recognizes the necessity of a safe and secure environment for the welfare and progress of mankind. We strive to provide high quality products and services to meet our customer's needs while providing them superior value for money.
WELS operates all over the country from its corporate office at Chennai as well as through its wide network of business associates. The WELS group offers advisory and consultancy services to audit safety and security arrangements and to suggest / design systems to meet the required levels of protection for its customers. WELS provides consultancy to carry out technical reviewuations of building products, components, methods and materials.
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